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Bedazzler crystal Rhinestones Rivet Tool Garment Rivets Accessories
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Bedazzler crystal Rhinestones Rivet Tool Garment Rivets Accessories Summary

Bedazzler crystal Rhinestones Rivet Tool Garment Rivets Accessories

Condition: New
Available Sizes: 1pc
Shipping from Canada

Material: Crystal
Technics: Sew-On
Size: 13.8 * 4.3cm-- housing 8 * 3.3cm-- Bracket
Use: Bags,Garment
Rhinestones Type: Loose Rhinestones
Style: Flatback
Shape: Round
Package include: 1 pc

The BeDazzler has a hinged arm that opens up. To start, choose a stud or a rhinestone and place it into the hollow side of the BeDazzler's arm. The spikes on the bottom of the rhinestone or stud should be facing down when you lower the arm.

Place the fabric over the base of the BeDazzler and above the metal plate on the lower arm. Make sure that the fabric, such as the neckline of a party dress, is in the intended spot for the jewel or stud. Take care before proceeding that all hands and fingers are out of the way of the BeDazzler so that no one suffers an injury.

Press firmly down on the arm with even pressure. This pushes the spikes through the fabric and allows the metal plate at the bottom to fold the spikes over so that they secure the stud or rhinestone to the fabric. Lift the arm carefully and ensure that the element is in the right place.

If not, push the arm back down with firm, even pressure. Lift the arm and check the back of the fabric to confirm that the rhinestone or stud is securely in place. If the prongs are not secure or the element not attached, remove it and try a new element in its place. Continue until the entire design is complete
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