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Winter Snow Safety Nylon Self-Locking Car Tire Anti-skid Chains
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Winter Snow Safety Nylon Self-Locking Car Tire Anti-skid Chains Summary

Winter Snow Safety Nylon Self-Locking Car Tire Anti-skid Chains

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Available Sizes: 4pcs
1.Name: Car Anti-skid Chain
2.Material: Nylon
3.Color: Orange
Thickness: 2mm
Length: 900mm
Scope: between 145-295mm wide tire size can be
(1)Can be used in snow tires slippery mud slippery and icing situations.
(2)Easy to use, can be used in any occasion with the temperature.
(3)Toughness, cold -35 degrees in the minus -35 degrees.
(4)Designed for automotive safety and design of the use of automotive safety supplies. The use of special anti-skid surface rough surface so that it increases the friction with the road, usually in the snow and muddy road conditions, to protect the tire to prevent tire slip, to ensure the normal driving role of the vehicle. Especially in winter snow on the road, can effectively guarantee the vehicle's driving level Car anti-skid chain is not just seasonal products, that is not only in winter and rain and snow weather can play a role in the same skiing, cross-country, field exploration, mountain driving and other Vehicle driving situation has an irreplaceable role.Stable driving safety.
It is best to drive well before the anti-skid chains, rather than in the face of snow and ice after the installation, because the temporary parking to install anti-skid chain than the early installation of trouble, is not conducive to safety. Install and disassemble the vehicle in a safe place. Such as in the busy road, you need to set the necessary traffic warning signs. Do not install skid chains in the case of flat tire.

Package Included:1 pc car tire anti-skid chains
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