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Car Air Purifier Ionizer - Removes Smoke, Bacteria, Odor
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Car Air Purifier Ionizer - Removes Smoke, Bacteria, Odor Summary

Car Air Purifier Ionizer - Removes Smoke, Bacteria, Odor

Condition: New
Color: One color as shown
Car Air Purifier Ionizer - Removes Cigarette Smoke, Bacteria, Odor Smell - Helps With Allergies
Shipping from Canada
Condition: New
Available Colors: Blue

Product specifications: 9 cm long, 2.2 cm in diameter
Product material: aluminum magnesium metal + plastic
Net weight: 32 gb
Power consumption: 0.8 W
Ozone concentration: 0.06 PPM
Use the power supply: car cigarette lighter DC12V
Negative ions concentration: 100000 PCS/cm3
U a thorough revolution, negative ion and ozone is many times more than existing pocket car oxygen bar.
Taken the pure and fresh air, activate cells, refreshing, prevent the happening of traffic accident, and can relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.
U reduce the car of musty, smoke and leather coating release toxic gas such as formaldehyde, benzene.
U directly plugged into the cigarette lighter, very convenient.
Taken the downy lamplight Create a romantic atmosphere inside the car
Taken the air as the raw material, no secondary pollution, environmental security.
Taken the small and exquisite, is actually a gift.
???features ???
(1) the super mini volume, the total length is 9 cm, the size of a thumb.
(2) does not occupy a space, insert a cigarette in the hole, to reveal a short 3.5 cm.
(3) the hidden neon crystal blue light bulbs, can be used as a night light, the night don't have to drive the indoor light, to increase driving safety.
(4) anodizing aluminum alloy, cold blue fashion, a integrated design, what do you think are good.
(5) does not need maintenance, easy to use.
(6) mute design, silent, won't make you distracted driving.
(7) without the connection design, with a plug can be used, no longer wires, does not occupy a space.
???features ???
Negative ions is the vitamin in the air, and can keep the skin to breathe smoothly, to prevent the disease
1. Eliminate guide smell, smoke. Strong sterilization, cleaning the air!
2. Purifying blood, strengthen the respiratory function!
3, promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, ease tension!
4. Eliminate the positive charge on the human body (e.g., trachea, bronchi) stimulation!
Have excellent health care function, can effectively reduce cough, sneeze, the incidence of asthma.
Suitable for all 12 v car power supply, will start work this product directly inserted into the car cigarette hole, this product is a plug and play type, without having to separately set the switch. Work according to individual needs time. Instantaneous release millions of ozone and anion, quickly eliminate the odor of smoke inside the car, and a strong bactericidal, purify air, make the car like bathing in the forest and pure and fresh. Light and modelling, mini size, easy to use. Belong to the first class workmanship and design, the absolute is a super equipped vehicles
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